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LandOwner Resource Centre
613.692.3571 or 1.800.267.3504
Scott Danford, ext. 1175

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City of Ottawa? Click here for the RVCA Trees for Tomorrow Program


Grant & Technical Assistance Program

GREEN ACRES — Ottawa's Rural
Reforestation Program

The City of Ottawa’s Green Acres Reforestation Program is looking for empty, idle fields to transform into thriving, green woodlands. The City launched its Green Acres Program in 2000 and has planted well over one million trees inside the city. The program offers technical and financial assistance to rural landowners for planning, planting and maintenance of all their reforestation needs.

What we offer?
— A full service program
— Significant subsidies for all reforestation projects
— Customized tree planting plans that suit your needs
— On-site technical advice from qualified forestry staff
— Tree planting and tending services
— Ordering and handling of trees
— Site preparation
— Survival assessments

Green Acres - The Ottawa Rural Reforestation Program is brought to you by:

The City of Ottawa, in co-operation with:
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
South Nation Conservation
Mississippi Valley Conservation
Ottawa Stewardship Council
LandOwner Resouce Centre

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