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Eastern Ontario Model Forest Code of Forestry Practice — $10 (+GST) 61 pages. Recommended for individuals who have a role in planning, implementing and monitoring sustainable forest management. Produced by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, 1996. Aussi disponible en français.

Wood . . . Take a Stand and Make It Better — $14 (+GST) 45 pages. Acquaints you with the concepts and steps of forest management, keys to a successful timber harvest. Produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 1991.

A Landowner’s Guide to Selling Standing Timber — $5 (+GST). Available through the Ontario Woodlot Association, 2004. Call (613) 258-0110 or visit www.ont-woodlot-assoc.org

Water & Wetlands

A Wetland Conservation Plan — $10 (+GST) 31 pages. Provides assistance in assessing your wetland, setting goals tailored to your interests and your property. Published by the LandOwner Resource Centre, 2002.

MAPLE Inc. Shoreland Classification Survey Manual — $30 (+GST) 30 pages — outlines a simple process to conduct a Shoreland Classification Survey following a step-by-step format that determines the existing state of a lake shoreland, recommends remediation, restoration and maintenance while working towards a natural shoreline. Support files and appendices included on CD. Produced by M.A.P.L.E. and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, 2002.

A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Healthy Waterfronts (MVC & RVCA) — Free 24 pages — This guide offers you background information and advice on ways to make the most of your shoreline property while living in balance with your lake’s fragile ecosystem. Produced by Lakeland Alliance, 2008.

Watershed Management

Rideau Valley Subwatershed Reports — Free
These colourful, informative reports detail four key subwatershed health factors: forest cover, wetlands, shoreline vegetation and surface water quality in six year cycles. The reports also highlight changes, trends and actions that can be taken to improve water quality.

Source Water Protection

The Source Water Protection Primer — Free 88 pages — created to inform the public on what source protection is and how we can make it happen. Published by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Pollution Probe, May 2004.

Act for Clean Water: an Introduction to Source Water Protection — Free. This brochure compliments the Source Water Protection Primer by offering a brief overview of its contents. Produced by Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Pollution Probe, February 2004.

Wells & Septic Systems

Well Aware: A Guide to Caring for your Well and Protecting your Family’s Health — Free 30 pages — outlining how to maintain and protect your well. Compiled by the Green Communities Association and Ontario Groundwater Association. Aussi disponible en français.

Septic Smart! Understanding Your Home’s Septic System — Free 12 pages — a booklet outlining the basics of septic care and maintenance. Published by the Governments of Canada and Ontario, 2008. Aussi disponible en français.

Septic Smart! Advanced Treatment Systems — Alternatives to Convential Septic Systems— Free 12 pages — introduces advanced treatment units and the different types of final distribution and soil treatment (aerobic treatment units and filtration units) that could be used with them in Ontario. Published by the Governments of Canada and Ontario, 2011. Aussi disponible en français.


Your Guide to Conservation Areas in Ontario — Free Detailed booklet with road maps of over 245 Conservation Areas — includes location directions, facilities, natural features, contact information and much more. Produced by Conservation Ontario.

Forest Raptors & Their Nests in Central Ontario: A Guide to Stick Nests & Their Users — $12.50 (+GST) 78 pages — pocket guide covers how to find and identify stick nests and the birds that build or use them; offers guidelines and modeling tools that should be considered when trying to protect them. Produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Southcentral Sciences Section, 1998.

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s Conservation Areas Brochure — Free. A handy brochure describing each Conservation Area in the Rideau Valley Watershed. Indicates wilderness trails, sandy beaches, scenic lookouts, fishing hot spots, goose landing zones and lakeside picnic areas

On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living (Ontario Edition ) — $18.50 (+GST) 152 pages — a comprehensive handbook that highlights the health, financial and environmental benefits associated with protecting your waterfront property. Produced by The Ontario Living by Water Project. Published by the RVCA and Conservation Ontario, 2003.

Ottawa Fishing — Free Fold out map of local boat launches on the Ottawa, Rideau and Jock Rivers and Constance Lake. Helpful details on local fish species. Produced by the Ottawa Stewardship Council. Billingual.

Beaver Management Package — Free. The Beaver Management Package explains landowner rights and responsibilities regarding beaver and dam removal on private and public land, and some simple solutions to implement. Compiled by RVCA.